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F That Friday (A Chronical Illness Got in The Way)

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I just say a chronic illness meme that said: "I'm not unreliable, my chronic illness is." Did that come at the right time! I have always been reliable. I can count on my hands the number of times I was late for college classes. 

Tomorrow I was supposed to have a book signing at the newest Bay Area independent bookstore, Books on B. I had worked very hard on my children's book and I couldn't wait to have my first signing and then my body decided I would not be an author that day but a piece of improv modern art sculpture. If I was mean I would put up pictures.

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F That Friday Welcome to the first one!

I have always said if my swearing offends you being in pain every day offends me. So we are starting F That Fridays. A middle finger to chronic pain if you will. I'll post my snarky art on Fridays. Hope you enjoy and if not please make your own awesome thing. Be. Kind. Be gentle. Be a badass.

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