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Motivation Monday Quote Chronic Illness Edition: She May Be Mad But She Is Magic Charles Bukowski Quote Double Exposure

I have my own personal reasons for loving this quote…saying it to my husband when I have been particularly off….

This black and white double exposure photo was taken a long time ago for a photoshoot I did with model Elisa Dawn. She has been a very special model and friend to me who has seen me through most of this chronic illness journey.

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The Creative Life Podcast Interviews Chronic Illness Podcaster Monica Michelle: The Tables Are Turned

Looking for a new inspiring creative podcast? Might I recommend The Creative Life? I mean I was just interviewed and here it is but wow all of her episodes are wonderful. 

to listen to my interview head over to via @joannapieters and hit subscribe.

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Some Motivation Monday, Galaxy Art, & Animation {Invisible Illness Blog}

So I was scrolling through Pinterest (I know the shock of it all) and I found a gorgeous photo of a woman in a wedding dress. For some reason I started thinking about that quote, thought I could draw, animate, and paint it in around an hour (have I ever mentioned one of my most dangerous traits is my unrelenting optimism?) I did bust my wrist doing this (ended up being more like 3 hours) so maybe a bit until next drawing. The animation is done using @plotaverse

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