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What’s your favorite distraction from Chronic Pain? A Chronic Illness Blog

I am a big fan of art. I use Procreate, worst app name ever and the BEST art app. I have tried them all so you don’t have to.. When I stop drawing you know something is up. I know Kyros is a big fan of coloring. I also discovered Libby. It is a library app where you can check out library books digitally and they return themselves. No more late fines! I also have an amazing excuse to research for my other podcast I Can’t Believe That Happened (podcast for kids and curious adults about history). Today I am researching Annie Oakley. Next I am researching Faberge eggs for the YA fantasy novel I’m writing and might as well put it into the podcast.

Speak of podcasts I have two new favorites: Fictional and LaVar Burton Reads.

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Netflix Show For Mental Health Or To Watch During A Chronic Illness Flare

In the middle of a fibro flare? POTS attack? General nope not leaving covers mental health spoonie I’m done day? This is my curated chronic illness what to watch Netflix list. After you subscribe to our newsletter comment with your own favorite go to Netflix movies and tweet out or Facebook share the post to find out what are your friends favorites.

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Fitness Ideas for the Spoonie on Bed Rest {Chronic Illness Blog}

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I'm not always in bed but when I am I REFUSE to lose muscle structure. My EDS and POTS friends will understand that losing muscle is gaining a world of heart and dislocation issues. When your ligaments fall down on the job the muscles have to pick up the slack. WORD OF WARNING NOT a doctor (much to the eternal shame of my grandmother). Ask medical professional but if you are like me and fainting at the gym is costly and too embarrassing a way to gain YouTube views here are somethings you can do from home:

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