What Happens When Multiple Chronic Conditions Take Your Day Hostage? A Chronic Illness Blog

What to do when Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Fibromyalgia decide to hold hands and gallop through my body?  This morning things were going kind of OK I had a dislocated shoulder and ribs and rest but that’s really nothing new. I

I even got up and made coffee and a really nice breakfast for my family and I thought it was going to be a day where I could do some basic things. However partway through breakfast and was having a hard time sitting upright and it was a combination of exhaustion and severe full body pain. By the time I was able to get  back to my room there was no ability to even set up. So plans change rather quickly especially when you have chronic pain and chronic illness.


So what to do with a day that I cannot sit up or walk around? This is where I know if someone is sick or healthy is when I hear people talk about the good all days: before iPads, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon prime. When I hear people talk about the wonderful days before technology I can make a pretty educated guess that they are Not chronically Ill.

 Today I am very grateful for YouTube which I just combed for all of the San Diego ComicCon 2018 writers panels. Whoever records these and put this up on YouTube thank you so much I am way too sick to ever attend, con and deeply grateful I get to watch these amazing writers  and basically get a free MFA in writing.

Right now I am watching a documentary on the rococo era that is absolutely unexpectedly hilarious and I have a feeling I will be adding some new very fun episodes for my Patreon fans who are supporting I Can’t Believe that Happened my children’s history podcast because these paintings of ostriches and right now sources are really making my day.  

Long story short , Am I frustrated? Yes, I am there are things I really wanted to do today but I’m still going to have a pretty awesome day learning about the rococo era and hopefully getting some recording and writing done for the two podcast.

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