Work, Disability, and the Spoonie Life {A Chronic Illness Podcast}

  • Disability, staying home, guilt, and screwing with the feminist agenda.
  • Trying to get over "letting down" the people in your life by staying home for disability.
  • Some behind the scenes of what happened when Monica Michelle had to shut down her Menlo Park photography studio.
  • Trying to justify your day when you stay home every day.
  • Spoon theory and getting to work using public transportation which is not accessible for all, BART calling you out on your pointless elevators. This is one of the BIG reasons MANY disabled people CANNOT work.
  • Why people are dragging themselves through work when their bodies no longer work: Insurance, Retirement, and the huge hole between what disability pays and how much you will need for basic living.
  • Privilege, disability, and working. Do you have a position and company policies that let you do what you need to feel better, take time off for flares, and Dr. appointments?
  • What happens when your medication is not legal for you to take because of your job.
  • Can you get work RESPECT when you are in a wheelchair? Is the workplace accessible to get around with canes and wheelchairs? Enough handicap parking spaces? 
  • SERIOUS words of respect for teenagers dealing with mental and physical disability in high school and college.
  • Businesses, before you call yourself accessible borrow a wheelchair and try to do everything needed THEN tell me if you are accessible. 
  • Fooling yourself on your abilities after a few "good days"
  • Staying home is not a choice most of us would make.

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