Everything you wanted to know about Medical Marijuana : Laws, Health, and the Other Side of Legality: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Links & Show Notes For Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain Panel Discussion

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  2. Charlottes Web CBD treatment for pediatric seizures
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  7. Medical Marijuana Refugees
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  9. What does Peer Reviewed mean?
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  12. The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal A fun way to find out about the VERY racially motivated reason of why marijuana became illegal.

Medical Marijuana Panel Show Notes

Everything you wanted to know about Medical Marijuana: Laws, Health, and the Other Side of Legality: It’s Not Easy Being Green


Emily Joyce CW Analytical Laboratories VP business development 


Monica Michelle Podcaster, Children's Book Writer and Illustrator, and EDS, POTS, MCA, Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain patient and medical marijuana user.





What does a lab do for medical marijuana?

Jessica Peters of Moxi CBD rich tinctures now out of business because of Santa Rosa fires. Keep an eye out for her next business venture. Came to medical marijuana for her endometriosis becoming non-symptomatic after her use of marijuana

Jessica has worked at Harborside Medical

If you want people lowering their opioid use don’t make medical marijuana costly or difficult to get and other tales of common sense

Taxation and not having the ability to use insurance means at least for Monica Michelle not being able to afford medication when taxes are more than the product

Pediatric medical marijuana with seizure disorders and the parents who become medical refugees to get their children medicine that WILL NOT kill them. 

CPS issues with medicating children with Medical Marijuana. By the way, information by the government on what is or is not allowed by the CPS was VERY hard to find.

A miracle cure? Might be if we could take it off schedule 1 to LEGALLY study all aspects of a plant that has NEVER caused an overdose death.

Unravel the medical mystery of THC CBD and the rest of the alphabet soup

You thought THC was just for fun….hang on and have a listen

So marijuana is legal right? Hang in and listen to what it means to be a schedule 1 substance (If you have listened to this far can we at least all agree that this is not a plant with ZERO medical benefits).

What happens when you run a business that is legal in certain states but is ILLEGAL in the United States hint no insurance, no write off and no business bank account. Just think what happened in the Santa Rosa fire to farmers at harvest time.

Who benefits when people can grow their own medicine? Any guesses?

Why are Pharmaceutical companies investing research into medical marijuana?

What happened when the people who need the medicine the most are on disability and do not have extra money to buy their medical marijuana but hey the prescription drugs are $5 to $10 with insurance.

What we can do to help people get their medicine. It will be grassroots and it will come down to all of us to create change