Remitting MS and Interview With Lauren Selfridge from This Is Not What I Ordered A Chronic Illness Podcast

I am an extrovert. My body is an Introvert
— Lauren Selfridge

Show notes from Remitting MS and Interview With Lauren Selfridge from This Is Not What I Ordered A Chronic Illness Podcast

Lauren Selfridge had remitting MS is a therapist in the SF Bay Area and runs a wonderful chronic illness podcast called This Is Not What I Ordered.

To be VERY clear Lauren is on the calmer side of the spectrum of MS that though has bad days at this time she is still able to continue to work and run a GREAT Podcast This Is Not What I Ordered 

Great tech explanation of MS

Some VERY good information about MS diagnosis and tests

Stress is the doctors new go to instead of “hysteria”

Don’t be afraid to DEMAND a test that you know you need

Spinal Tap is much more fun as a movie than as a medical test, click here to see what I mean. HERE

Sorry real life barking pug decided to be a “helper dog” and be a part of the interview

The amazing kryptonite of the white coat that can turn the feistiest of us into terrified children

Call to Drs. for interviewees I would love to see the other side of sick world.

Yes, Monica is a complete Neil Gaiman. There is no denying it. Someday Dr. Who will sponsor this podcast when they know how many of us spoonies watch obsessively on our stay in bed days.

All about taking advantage of the good low symptom times. The ups and the fears of positive low symptom times.

What is it like when you are different than most of the people who have your disorder, hint it makes it difficult to make long-term choices.

Changing your views of what a successful fulfilling life to redefine not around what the body will do.

Some really awesome advice Monica’s dad gave her maybe a tad too young. Yay, my dad!

Some great career choices for the chronic spoonie

Monica’s mom is awesome and might be a future guest to talk about being a caregiver for an adult disabled child.

Spoonie decisions for one’s work and social life, hint a bit like Sophie's Choice

Chronic illness and the kick in the tail for life experiences

Public transportation and chronic illness Thank you Uber and Lyft

Uber’s new medical service

The epic fight with a Benadryl IV trust me it is chronic illness gallows humor hilarious 

Google Image search is not always your friend when you have a chronic illness

The calming effects of watching aquariums or paint on YouTube

What it is like to hope on horizons with a well-funded disorder

Therapy and chronic illness some of the up and downsides of group therapy and online support groups Lauren's Facebook Group This Is Not What I Ordered

The importance of social media and access to others for chronic illness and for teens.

The physical and social isolation of chronic illness 

The body perfection model as the body is a reflection of who you are as a person and what happens when your body goes rogue

Loving What Is Byron Katie. My new favorite quote, "It’s not your job to like me it’s mine.”

"You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." CS. Lewis. This is the real quote I mangled. Til We Have Faces

Chronic illness is transformative and not always in a bad way.

Grieving your health and living a full heart at the same time. A real talk about grieving, grieving a lifestyle, a person, or a healthy body.