Epilepsy, Philosophy, Creative Writing, and Rose Colored Glasses {A Chronic Illness Podcast}˜

Creative writing and memoir writing

What it's like to come out of a seizure 

Vulnerability of seizures

Secret Super Power of Invisible Disability

Dating and Epilepsy

Not Drinking Socially

My Cat Tries To Crash The Interview

Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy (Charlotte's Web)

Medical Marijuana California Laws

Financial Realities of Those of Us On Disability 

Pixar Incredibles 2 Epilepsy Warnings

Triggers for Epilepsy You Might Not Expect

What To Do If You See Someone Have A Seizure

Service dogs and epilepsy

What Could Change To Keep Epileptics Safe (Pieology please change your bulbs!)

Rose Colored Glasses for Epileptics

Ketogenic Diet For Pediatric Epilepsy

MCT Oil For Epilepsy

Paleoish is my New Favorite Word

Wheat Belly Book

Different Types Of Epilepsy 

Absence Seizures

An Incredible Description of What A Seizure Feels Like

Monica Actually Becomes Speechless 

Serious Talk About Fear of Death

RuPaul's Drag Race Miz Cracker

Vulnerability and Privilege When Coming Out of Disorientation

The Process of Diagnosis

Pregnancy and Life Decisions With Epilepsy Medication Questions

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