Chronic Illness and Political Activism A Spoonie Guide


Trigger warning rape and discussions about chronic pain depression and suicide (click if you need help this link will take you to a hotline)

I am doing trigger warnings not because I think you should not listen but I don’t want to sideline you

I promise even though we do meander down some trails we do discuss a way to remain politically active no matter your mental or physical disability.



Jen Toal

Scooter Business!!!!

Women’s March

Guide I wish I had when I was looking into Golden Gate Bride Accessibility

women festivals and the start of accessibility

We need Silicon Valley To Start a mentorship matchup from ex-black panthers and social disturbers from the 60’s and 70’s to teach us all how to shape the world. WE NEED YOU!

My plan to fix politic. All politicians must pass a high school civics test before getting on the ballot

My Opioid Video

CDC Opioid Guidelines

Orange is The New Black

Ehlers Danlos

New Pain Scales

Game of Thrones Feminism problems

Handmaids Tale Rape

Beauty is NOT the rent you pay in the world
That old inspiration low bar

PTSD and depression and issues with protests and phone calls

Emma Sulkowicz with mattress after rape

Daryl Davis How One Man Convinced 200 Ku Klux Klan Members To Give Up Their Robes

Emma Gonzales

Ani Difranco

Tori Amos Me and  A Gun

Thinx period underwear Cant you guys do a buy one donate one?

Responsibility belongs to the corporations, not on the person

Adam Ruins Everything

HOW to have a discussion with someone you REALLY politically disagree with

What Would Mr. Rogers Do?

NO dehumanizing ANYONE.

Empathy and Compassion are badass

Ever wonder what kind of mom I am here is my sex ed talk for kids

The UnSlut Project

ADA recommendations