Chronic Migraine Interview With Kevan From Made In California {Chronic Illness Podcast}


An interview with Kevan, the owner of Made In California who suffers from chronic migraines.This week is near and dear to my heart, chronic migraines are not unknown in my house.

We really went into the weeds on what it is like to being a student, female, and having an invisible and chronic illness. I really would love for more teachers and educators to listen there is a lot in here about things a child with chronic illness deal with. We also discussed isolation and chronic illness, technology and chronic illness, medical marijuana and migraines, pugs and other support and snorting animals, and the inspiration behind Kevan's business Made In California


Made In California

When your chronic illness really and literally is ALL in your head

Migraines from age 5

what it’s like to have head pain all day

Some of the things a migraine contains not including headaches

What Can Trigger a Migraine: Trigger: sensory overload, weather, chemicals, foods

When chemicals and chemical scents trigger migraines and you can’t have scented products….start a business and MAKE IT BETTER

I will be ordering sooo many of these how can you beat the name? Naked and Unlaid?

Entrepreneurs and chronic illness

Technology, chronic illness, and life opening benefits

Living your life finding out what is still possible in your life and in the boundaries of your illness and finding a purpose

Chronic illness and isolation (think Yellow Wallpaper English majors)

Social media and finding your chronic illness community

Schooling impact on chronically ill children

the life and mental saving benefits of pugs

Choosing other paths than western medicine (We are NOT doctors don’t sue us, ask your medical professional for advice)

Medical Medium (Link)

Medical Marijuana, other herbs, and nutrition (which can mean salty fries and milkshake) for migraines

Riki Lake documentary Weed The People