Dawn Is Back: Amyloidosis and Drug Trials: AirBnB Idea, Best Chronic Illness Gift Basket, and Family Support

A huge welcome back to my friend Dawn who has amyloidosis and for the last year has been on a drug trial. I asked her to come on to the show to talk about her experiences getting into the trial, what it has been like, what she wishes she had known before, and what will happen to her now that the trial is ending.

Important points:

Minute 24 How to talk to your doctor about medical trials

Minute 40: How to ask for a change to your trials protocol

Minute 43: The differences between a clinical trial and a investigative

Minute 44 What to pack for your comfort with infusion. Awesome ideas for even chemo gift basket

Minute 50: How to talk to your family.

Minute 54: What happens when your study ends and you move to commercial access

******These are estimates on time but should be a pretty good guide for quick reference********

Ultimate Infusion Gift Basket

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