Don't Try This At Home An Experiment In Pain Medication: Chronic Illness Blog


Alright maybe I have listened to too many Tim Ferris Podcast episodes (no really super motivating. Give it a try if you haven't). I decided to run a personal experiment as the US has yet again made it more difficult to get pain medication even when you go to a PAIN CLINIC and pharmacies have decided that they will supersede doctors n how much and when you may have your medicine.

Right now CVS which has teamed up with Target only allow for one week of an opioid prescription at a time. This is said to be only for acute conditions but I fear that there will be issues depending on who the pharmacist is. Just think of how possible it is to drive out EVERY week when in chronic pain. Walgreens allows for once a month from the time of pick up. This means if I can't wait for my prescription and I have to wait until I can drive again I can be up to a month behind on my prescriptions.

So among the fear mongering, I decided to run an experiment. How long can I go without my pain pills? Let me be clear I have ZERO addiction issues this was strictly about how long I could handle my daily level 8-9 pain without my medication.

Anyone who knows me will tell you optimism is how I will end up getting killed (or saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.) 

I REALLY thought I could make it the entire day. What else are super high pain thresholds for?


It did not go well. I am afraid. I am scared that an administration that cares nothing for people will force so many of us too tired and unable to fight into a darker place where even less is possible. If you want to share this to show others what it is like to be in chronic pain without medication please feel free to share.

For the record, I have Ehlers Danlos, POTS, and Fibromyalgia