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Traveling With Prescription Medications: Arrest, Drama, and Kyros

Did you miss Kyros? I did and he came back with a story to tell. This might be one of our most important episodes to share. Kyros got arrested while travelling overseas because the prescribed medication he takes for seizures is considered a "party" drug in the country he had a lengthy stop over in. Please listen and find out how to protect yourself when you travel with your medications. Listen for some actionable ways you can help make travel safer for the disabled. Thank you so much for listening! Please share this episode with anyone planning on traveling.

CoachArt Amazing Non Profit for Kids with Chronic Illness and Interview With Greg Harrell-Edge

CoachArt Amazing Non Profit for Kids with Chronic Illness and Interview With Greg Harrell-Edge

CoachArt’s mission is to create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

Children living with chronic illness may feel isolated because of their condition. Frequent hospital visits and deficient immune systems often cause them to miss time in school and recreational activities. Families, overwhelmed by the cost and demands of ongoing medical care, often lack the resources to seek out or afford extracurricular activities. Healthy siblings are affected too when family resources are focused on a chronically ill child. CoachArt supports these families by offering free recreational lessons that bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives.

Since 2001, CoachArt has matched volunteer coaches with students for one-on-one or group lessons in arts and athletics. Our vision is that one day every family impacted by chronic illness will be connected to a community of support and an opportunity to learn and grow together.

Holidays, Family, Travel, and Parties Spoonie Survival Guide {Chronic Illness Podcast}

 Does this look familiar? Yup an oldie and goodie from last year. Kyros & I are not doing well and this one is just too good not to share again. Please share with family, friends, and support groups. I hope you enjoy and that Kyros and/or I am doing well enough to record again soon.

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This is super general and done just from my perspective. Take what works for you drop what doesn't and tweet your own tips to @invisiblenotbrk and help another spoonie out!