Polycythemia Vera: Vampires Would Love Her {Chronic Illness Podcast}

Hello everyone thank you for being patient this week I was regular sick. I truly believe that those of us with chronic illness should be given a pass on the flu but hey no-one asked me. This week I am talking with the author of You Are Not Your Diagnosis Lyn Thompsan about her polycythemia vera, a blood disorder that even after 6 months of doing this chronic illness podcast I have never heard of. 

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Chronic Migraine Interview With Kevan From Made In California {Chronic Illness Podcast}

An interview with Kevan, the owner of Made In California who suffers from chronic migraines.This week is near and dear to my heart, chronic migraines are not unknown in my house.

We really went into the weeds on what it is like to being a student, female, and having an invisible and chronic illness. I really would love for more teachers and educators to listen there is a lot in here about things a child with chronic illness deal with. We also discussed isolation and chronic illness, technology and chronic illness, medical marijuana and migraines, pugs and other support and snorting animals, and the inspiration behind Kevan's business Made In California

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Bed Rest and Chronic Illness A Panel: Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and EDS How To Live A Meaningful Life From Bed Rest {A Chronic Illness Podcast}

Click Title To Listen To How To Have A Meaningful Horizontal Life On Bed Rest: Panel With Elizabeth Clamon (Naruropath Lupus, Car Accident, Fibromyalgia, and Car Accident) and Monica Michelle (Podcast Host, writer, and illustrator with Ehlers Danlos, Fibromyalgia, and POTS).

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Chronic Fatigue PCOS A Real Life What Would Happen If Your Life Changed Completely In One Day {Chronic Illness Podcast}

Click Title To Listen To This Week's Chronic Illness Podcast About Chronic Fatigue or CFS or ME

Listen this week to Invisible Not Broken Interview Spoonie Blogger Frances (Fancy Like That We talk about her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (now called CFS or ME) and how your entire life and goals can change on a Monday. Give a listen to find out how to make and keep a life even when on bedrest.

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Running A Business While Having Chronic Illness Some Tips Some Pitfalls and Some Hope {A Chronic Illness Podcast}

Click Title To Listen To Two women in business while also dealing with chronic illness have a VERY honest discussion about pitfalls, planning, and vision in business while being a spoonie.

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Get This Woman A Cape: Dealing With NF: Chronic Illness and Parenting Children with Chronic Illness: And Some Kick Ass Snowboarding and Other Self Care Tips {Chronic Illness Podcast}

Click Title To Listen to Chronic Illness Podcast About Neurofibromatosis

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Holidays & Parties Spoonie Survival Guide {Chronic Illness Podcast}

Click Title To Read Holidays with Chronic Illness

This is super general and done just from my perspective. Take what works for you drop what doesn't and tweet your own tips to @invisiblenotbrk and help another spoonie out!

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A Real Talk About Pain Management: The Cost Of Chronic Pain: The Opioid Epidemic in Four Letter Words: A Chronic Illness Podcast

Click title to listen to our chronic illness podcast all about chronic pain management which is now privately being called the opioid crisis in four letter words.


This administration moralizes those who are weak and helpless, they are not going to the pharmacies forcing them to stop or change.

Privilege and pain management 

Snake oil

True cost of chronic pain

Opioid epidemic in hands of pain doctors this is not moral

Hope on the scaffold pain management and desperation

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