SGT Stubby The Ultimate Good Boy {For Kids Podcast}

Sgt Stubby (Now a movie: Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero)

  1917 Private J. Robert Conroy found a brindle pup with a stubby tail which becomes the dog's name.

Stubby started his military career as the mascot for the 102nd Infantry 26 the Yankee Division.

Stubby was a quick study learning bugle calls, drills, and even found his own way to salute putting his right paw on his right eyebrow.

Even though animals were not allowed Private Conroy hid Stubby when they went to France on the SS. Minnesota. Like many things hidden Stubby was found and brought before the commanding officer where stubby promptly gave the Commanding officer the salute that would allow him to stay.

In February 1918  Stubby accompanied his troop to the front lines where Stubby suffered his first war injury: a poison gas attack. This is when Stubby not only survived but got his almost superpower of smelling even the tiniest bit of gas (ok. go ahead and giggle but this gets really good)

Early in the morning when everyone was sleeping there was a gas attack. Stubby raised the alarm saving many.

Stubby became a rescuer able to find wounded men by listening for English and bark until paramedics cane.

Stubby even captured a German spy. This raised the pup to the rank of Sergeant, the first dog to attain rank in the Us. Military.

After being wounded in a grenade attack Sgt. Stubby spent his time visiting other wounded military at the field hospital.

When the war was over stubby had been in 17 battles.

His retirement was no less impressive: he led the American troops in a review parade, visiting the White House meeting Woodrow Wilson, Harding, and Coolidge.

Stubby was decorated by General John Pershing the Commanding General of the United States Armies.

Stubby followed his dear friend J. Robert Conroy to his studies in law at Georgetown University where Stubby become their mascot.