Thieves and Assasins

Thieves and Assasins

"Thieves and assassins. I don't understand. Isn't this suppose to be a bridal shower?"

"It is Auntie but things are done differently now. Themes are all the rage. Scarlett had a Gone with the Wind one that was to die for."

"At least we talked her out of the Bronte one." A tall cousin passed with a sly eye.

"Appropriate, but dark."

"Couldn't she have done something pretty? Marie Antoinette perhaps?"

"That would not end well Auntie." The girls looked back and forth.

"No I suppose not. Best explain the games then."

"You have your empty glass here and a full vial of poison here. You will spend your time trying to sneak drops of poison into others cups. If you get them to say wedding they have to drink their cup."

"But it's not really…"

"Of course not Auntie, really enjoy. Be careful you are one of our favorites." The girls laugh and turn to gossip. She thought to turn and ask them of the thieving part of the game but it would have been far better for her if she had checked for her pocket book.

Story and Image: Monica Michelle Photo taken at the Louvre

Inspiration: So sorry to my wonderful cousin but bridal showers are not where I am most comfortable. Another cousin and I curled up in a corner and made up bridal shower situations. I think we are the most fun to hang out with. 

Palomino pencils rock my world

Palomino pencils rock my world