Best TV Show On Amazon Prime For Us Spoonies

Best TV Show On Amazon Prime For Us Spoonies

I didn’t think much about Amazon Prime until Netflix hit my little geek heart by removing Dr. Who. There is no other show I can watch over and over and see something new. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have seen the monsters and seen my own illness hello Daleks I will stop geeking out but if you want to talk geeky Dr. Who just tweet at me.

Sign into your account to find these I am not tech savvy enough to send you to the Amazon shows these links are to IMDB)

Dr. Who

Larkrise (a kinder more lovely Downtown and I swear you will start living your life according to Miss Lane, it is my one weakness.) 

Lore (since I don’t need sleep) 


Good Girls Revolt (Take notes for the revolution Part 2) 

Z The Begining of Everything

Being Human

Upstairs Downstairs (Oh the costumes!) 

Carnival (ONLY the first season. Only watch when no kids are in the house. This one is surreal horror at its’ best.) 

Six Feet Under (Always and Forever) 

Indian Summers


IF YOU WATCH NOTHING ELSE WATCH THE MAKERS. Did I emphasize this enough? Can I do more. This rocked my world! 


Since you are probably a fellow spoonie or caring for a spoonie you know you already have Amazon Prime for shipping don’t ignore the videos. These are the shows included in the Prime Membership. 

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