What You Can Do From Bed

What You Can Do From Bed

I wish this was a more dirty minded article but alas I am talking about those days you can't get up, broke a leg, pregnancy bed rest, more permanent bed rest, and other unexpected things that can happen in life that lead you back to bed. 

Due to my POTS and Ehlers Danlos my body is on a mission to make the bed and I best of friends. I have become a bit of an expert on how to do bed rest and come out of it just a little less insane than when you started. 

Here are some mostly free (Under $20 ) thinks to do  

1. Learn a language. Duolingo is my absolute favorite. This is also excellent if you have a chronic illness and are parenting. Taking these language classes with someone you care about can be competitive and fun. Mixed reviews on doing this with pets. 

2. Learn a skill. Any skill. Keep your hands or your mind busy. Unless your hands are the problem (dislocating wrists I hear you!) My favorites are


       Youtube (I learned how to do digital illustration taking classes on YouTube) 

      Creative LIve

3. Write a children's book. I'll do a longer form on this but I took a free class and most of this is super doable with software you already have. 

4. Start a blog. Blog with MInamalists

5. READ A BOOK! Your library has digital books to loan. Oh yes my comforter friend no driving to library. No late fees. No holding heavy books (I have mentioned dislocating wrists right?) 

6. Apple University. There is almost nothing you can't learn. Make an APP. Design a garden. 

7. Skillshare I think it's $9 a month to learn ANYTHING. Life skills, yoga, coding, drawing, blogging, or instagram. 



Day 2 From Bed

Day 2 From Bed

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