Fairytales and Poems Not To Tell Children

Fairytales and Poems Not To Tell Children


Lean in 

little child

I have a secret.

In the few years your eyes have opened

and your mind and body have hurled through the world,

surely my babe

you have observed

that not every story ends in joy.


you might have seen

in your own infant travels

that the sun eventually sets.


my tadpole

could see

screaming did not reset the world

eventually all eyes close.

My little minnow

with wet and shiny eyes

come close,

bring your shell ear near

I have the most important secret for you,

and you



my heart of hearts,

is a superpower.

No, do not dry your eyes

and do not hide.

The sad that can slow time

So slow you can see what was before.

In the stillness my dear traveler,

you might even hold a moment

turning it over and over until

you see every part of joy that it held.

Only then will you

My brightest eyed one

with you see what mattered.


You may have seen I did a blog post back about grief. Karma has shitty aim and a man who held gentleness and a sense of unbridled awe for a marvelous universe grew a brain tumor and then another one. I get bouts of depression that have nothing to do with the state of my life but right now I can’t tell the two apart. Since I must live with an empty hollow bowl of grief I will see it for what it and everything else is, a tool. A super power or as Ani Difranco said “Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.” It only matters which facet you chose to see.  

Click the title if you want to read the poem. 

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