My Introduction to Suicide On Suicide Prevention Day- A Chronic Illness Podcast


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I think we are well within the trigger warning world here, sexual assault and suicide.

I remember the first time I heard about suicide. I was in grade school and we were studying something that the teacher thought a relevant side note tidbit of interesting historical fact was to say, “because of the very bad thing that happened to her she killed herself to restore family honor.”

Sit with that one for a moment.

All of my friends and I did. We sidelined looked at each other, some were lucky enough to try to imagine what could be done to a person that would cause that kind of outcome.

I did not have to imagine. I was already familiar enough with sexual assault and rape that I could see right through the teacher’s doubled up talk.

Take a wild flailing guess where my brain went. The teacher said if this thing happened then ….suicide?

Like many of my extremely personal posts I have no idea if this will see the light of day. Not because I am private but because I do not want to do harm.

If I post this it is because I want someone to feel less lonely and for adults to start thinking before they open their mouths around children. I want adults to stop thinking that age is a protection against very bad things happening.

So here’s the deal. I saw an amazing post today. The gist was that a cry for help is the wrong way to look at things. It is an ask for a tool. It is a person who has fought, fought hard, and so far has won. They are still here and they are saying that they are tired from the fight but they want a tool, any tool they can use to keep alive.

Life can be many things and for some it is non stop drowning. If you are reading this and you are familiar with trying every which way to keep your head above water know that I am so proud of you. If you knew way to much way to young and you still are flailing in the deep end with it I am so proud of you. If you have been one of those adults who have been careless with words but have read this and are going to do better, I am so very proud of you.

Sometimes the name of the game is survival. I am not a mental health professional and all I can offer is just what I have learned and my empathy and care.

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