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What Is Your Distraction?

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I spend an insane amount of time in bed. The last few weeks I have had a knee and right after two hip dislocations. My covers have accepted me as one of their own.

So far my coping mechanisms have ranged from adoring drag queens on RuPaul Drag race(I am convinced Bianca could get my hip back in with an arched eyebrow and a "Not today Satan.") a marathon of Being Human the UK edition and reading Auntie Mame. These, of course, are my distractions but for one of the four fuzzy loves that keep me in a close approximation of sanity, this little girl selflessly spends the day snuggled next to me allowing me to pet her belly for hours. 

Tweet your distractions with #InvisibleNotBroken

EDS Hip Dislocation Photos From Bed and the Cutest Baby Animals

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What do you do when you end up bedridden?

One of my disorders is called Ehlers Danlos. It makes my ligaments into uselessness. Very minor bumps or even standing can cause a dislocation that can keep me in bed for hours to months. I do have my fan club of puppies and kittens (if fan club means studiously ignoring) and AMAZON Prime full of Jane Austen movies and Dr. Who episodes.

Damnation pussy kittens {Invisible Illness}

Then she said, "Damnation pussy kittens" Ok....I need some context. "That was your grandmother's favorite swear word." If there is a better way to start a Friday morning I can't think what it is. The pussy cats, by the way, was to soften the god damn it. Oh, I miss her so much and hopefully, she will forgive her swears like a sailor granddaughter. Thank you Susie!

Icute kitten photos taken by Monica Michelle for Kitten 911