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Bipolar, PostPartum Depression, PTSD ,and Migraines : An Invisible Illness Podcast

From the best way to support a spoonie to great ways to manage anxiety to the true story of postpartum depression with and without medication this episode is absolutely full of great spoonie life hacks and some real information about bipolar, anxiety, and migraines from high school to college to being a new mom. Make sure to share this episode with anyone who has or anyone you would like to know more about postpartum depression, migraines, or bipolar. Thank you and until next week Be kind. Be gentle, and be a bad ass.

Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, & College Oh My Part 1 {Invisible Illness}

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Thank you so much for joining me in this weeks episode of Invisible Not Broken. Today I am going to be talking to Ms. O about her Fibromyalgia symptoms and some of her Fibromyalgia Treatment as well as her anxiety symptoms all while the wonderful girl is in college.

I met Miss O and did a minor bit of pleading for her to come on the invisible illness podcast. I think I just simply believe everyone should have a chance to meet her. It seemed a little unfair that just by chance I got to. Miss O at her early 20's has figured out so many things that I took the long road to. I hope you enjoy listening to her and getting to know her as much as I did.

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