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CSF Leak and Ehlers Danlos Pain Management Physicians Assistant Helps A Zebra Out With Chronic Pain Management Questions and Life on Disability With A Chronic Illness

Life can be full of kismet. I just started doing live recording on ZubiaLive about chronic illness and trying to live a life and the site wanted to connect with LinkdIn. I have not been active on LinkdIn since I was a photographer. So I did my best to create a decent profile for Invisible Not Broken Podcast. In less than an hour I had gotten a lovely email from a Pain Management Doctors PA. who also has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. A fellow zebra who knows things from the other side of the stethoscope? I grabbed her for an interview the very next day!

I had some other things to post but this is far too important. If you want to skip right to the point on pain management lists and what to do or say to have a better emergency room experience go to minute 26 and keep listening. We meander a bit but you will get what you need. If you have the time listen all the way through. This woman has a way of breaking things down and doctor PTSD might be my new favorite phrase.


Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

CSF Leak

Krantom I wish I had a better source for this but getting information on Krantom for pain management is not easy. We are in no way endorsing any particular pain management I think we would all just like unbiased pain management information.

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