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Don't Try This At Home An Experiment In Pain Medication: Chronic Illness Blog

Alright maybe I have listened to too many Tim Ferris Podcast episodes (no really super motivating. Give it a try if you haven't). I decided to run a personal experiment as the US has yet again made it more difficult to get pain medication even when you go to a PAIN CLINIC…click about to read more on a chronic pain patients personal experiment in pain management without opioids. Warning this is not pretty, cute, or fun. If suffering makes you uncomfortable well please watch and then call your congress person and VOTE

A Real Talk About Pain Management: The Cost Of Chronic Pain: The Opioid Epidemic in Four Letter Words: A Chronic Illness Podcast

Click title to listen to our chronic illness podcast all about chronic pain management which is now privately being called the opioid crisis in four letter words.


This administration moralizes those who are weak and helpless, they are not going to the pharmacies forcing them to stop or change.

Privilege and pain management 

Snake oil

True cost of chronic pain

Opioid epidemic in hands of pain doctors this is not moral

Hope on the scaffold pain management and desperation

Fibromyalgia, A Spoonie in Business, Selfcare, Best Gifts to Give Someone Who has Chronic Illness, & The Joys of Hormones and Chronic Illness

Click the title to listen to Invisible Not Broken's interview with Eva Lana Founder of Wellacopia who runs her business while dealing with her chronic illness, fibromyalgia

Join Invisible Not Broken, a chronic illness podcast, this week when I interview Wellacopia founder about her journey so far into the world of chronic illness, spoonie life, and being a new business owner with fibromyalgia. Also a great idea for a gift for the spoonie in your life....Tempurpedic mattress!

Sex and Disability: Everything You Want To Know About Dating and Chronic Illness But Were Afraid To Ask

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Sex and Disability: Everything You Want To Know About Dating and Chronic Illness You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask. Invisible Not Broken an invisible illness podcast.

Today a bear and a vanilla suburban housewife talk sex and relationships with chronic illness.

I have Ehlers Danlos, MCA, POTS, and Fibromyalgia here my interview here

Kyros had food allergies and Morton's Neuroma listen here