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Holidays, Family, Travel, and Parties Spoonie Survival Guide {Chronic Illness Podcast}

 Does this look familiar? Yup an oldie and goodie from last year. Kyros & I are not doing well and this one is just too good not to share again. Please share with family, friends, and support groups. I hope you enjoy and that Kyros and/or I am doing well enough to record again soon.

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This is super general and done just from my perspective. Take what works for you drop what doesn't and tweet your own tips to @invisiblenotbrk and help another spoonie out!

Fibromyalgia, A Spoonie in Business, Selfcare, Best Gifts to Give Someone Who has Chronic Illness, & The Joys of Hormones and Chronic Illness

Click the title to listen to Invisible Not Broken's interview with Eva Lana Founder of Wellacopia who runs her business while dealing with her chronic illness, fibromyalgia

Join Invisible Not Broken, a chronic illness podcast, this week when I interview Wellacopia founder about her journey so far into the world of chronic illness, spoonie life, and being a new business owner with fibromyalgia. Also a great idea for a gift for the spoonie in your life....Tempurpedic mattress!

Invisible Illness and the Adventure of Getting a Diagnosis {Diagnosis: precious, my precious}

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When you have something rare and invisible (with added issues of such things as weight, socioeconomic status, female, or age) many times a doctor has never heard of your illness or had only heard about it in passing in medical school. There can be issues of not knowing how to properly administer tests (fibromyalgia test is pressure points and many doctors still think that Ehlers Danlos can only be diagnosed if someone has super stretchy skin). Kyros had to perform most of his own diagnostic tests at home for his food allergies.

I hope you enjoy this episode. It was an emotional one to record as my diagnosis took over 20 costly years to obtain and I know Kyros went through many pitfalls to get to his.

Gas Lighting: Searching For Chronic Illness Diagnosis in American Healthcare System (Its' funnier than it sounds and just as frustrating)

Click title listen to our invisible illness podcast about being sick in America (oh yes this will get political), parenting with an invisible illness, and some slam poetry.

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PTSD, Chronic Pain, Extensive nerve injury  nerve injuries in both arms, Not Quite Fibromyalgia (is that a thing?), planters fasciitis, Anxiety/Depression

(...Hang on, maybe Ehlers-Danlos?? Amazing the things you can learn doing podcast interviews...) After watching Jen through the interview I was impressed at all of the crazy shapes she was making while stretching. She also has the swan deformity and so many other symptoms of the disorder I have.



Did I get lucky! I got to make a new friend. I hope you enjoy listening to Jen. She is an amazing poet and at the end of the interview, you can hear two very powerful poems. She is hilarious and strong. She has been dealing with being sick and frail even though she has made massive changes (losing 100lbs) and has just started in on her 40's. We talk about parenting with a chronic illness, the American healthcare system (buckle up its' about to get political), the importance of art when you can't get out of bed, and how important friendships are especially when you are dealing with chronic invisible illness. 

Amyloidosis, Parenting When Chronically Ill, What Not to Ask Sick People, Best idea for Airbnb {chronic illness podcast}

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   Invisible Illness does not get much more invisible than Dawn. I can not remember when she first told me she was sick but I promise I was shocked, even with my invisible illness spidey sense. Please listen to the end to find out the best questions to ask a sick person and why "How are you doing?" should just be removed from the conversation. We also came up with the best idea for Airbnb if they want a how to rock at helping people idea. Thank you so much for listening to Invisible Not Broken. Please subscribe to the podcast to hear more interviews and of course leave an embarrassingly glowing review on iTunes.

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