Bessie Coleman: Aviation History: Black History Month

For the last week of Black History month 2019 I want to introduce on of my heroes: Bessie Coleman.

Bessie Coleman amazes me by her sheer energy and rufusal to let ANYTHING detour her dreams, even when they do not work out, even when every odd is against her, even when her plane crashes she takes it in stride and creates a new plan. Some of you know that I am disabled. Though flight is not my dream and the racial struggles and barrier Ms. Coleman had to reckon with are not mine I can recognize an uphill battle from my wheelchair when I see it. There is so much hope and inspiration to be taken from Bessie Coleman's story. I hope you find some of her courage, optimism, and bravery for your adventures!



National Aviation



The History of Tom Thumb Part II The Fairy Wedding A History Podcast for Kids

The exciting conclusion to the story of Charles Stratton or as P.T. Barnum named him, Tom Thumb. In This episode you will learn about how he met his wife Lavinia Warren and all about their "Fairy Wedding".

Tune in next week for Lavinia Warren's Story from school teacher to star to entrepreneur.

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Tomb Thumb A History Podcast For Kids

I cheated a little bit since Tom Thumb was a member of the tour and P.T. Barnum's American Museum but was not apart of an actual circus. Please forgive I could not resist doing an episode on Charles Stratton (General Tom Thumb). If you happen to have seen The Greatest Showman (As I have a dozen times) you might remember him. While I LOVE the movie the true story of General Tom Thumb is even more fantastical. Please tune in and hear about Tom's audience with the Queen and his play battle with her spaniel.

Helen Keller, Disability Activist, Human Rights and World Traveler: A History Podcast For Kids

You might have heard her name before. I am relatively certain you have but I am guessing that you heard about her in the same way I was taught about Helen Keller, almost as an accessory to her teacher’s story. I am so excited to get to introduce all of you to a woman that until I began researching I only knew as a brave disabled woman who inspired by her willingness to learn. There is so much more!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Carousels : History Podcast For Kids

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's I Can't Believe That Happened. Last week we wrapped up the history of dogs segment and if you haven't listened please go to Itunes and take a listen especially about the WWI pit bull hero Sgt. Stubby who saved his unit. I am sure I will do another segment on dogs. Please leave comments if you have a topic you would like me to cover. This month I have been really starting to feel like Summer is here and when I think about Summer I think carnivals and circuses. So until I start to get fussy we are going to be learning all about the histories of circuses and carnivals. Make sure you let your more wild friends know that the next episode will be.....lion tamers! 

Magical and Royal Corgi Top 5 Things You Did Not Know{children’s podcast}

Hello everyone and welcome to the I Can't Believe That Happened a short podcast for kids on things that happened in history that your history teacher wouldn't believe. The podcast is going to be following the research I  am doing for my children's book series Penelope & Beatrice so pick up a copy and learn even more about things like the history of magic, or when a polar bear use to swim in the Thames or the time there was A royal wedding for golden retrievers! Want to learn about something I haven't covered yet? Send me an email or join the Facebook Group, Don't forget to tell friends, families and your Facebook groups all about I can't Believe that Happened please share the episode and subscribe to the podcast and YouTube channel. 

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